What does it mean to do more?

Doing more doesn’t mean spending more time that we don’t have doing things that really don’t matter. Doing more is about serving a world that needs to hear about the love of Jesus. It means finding our purpose by using the gifts and talents that God has already given us.

How do I do more?

Doing more is about saying NO to time wasters and saying YES to investing your time in Connecting the Love of Christ to the Heart of Our Community. It means rethinking how we prioritize our time so that our first priority becomes serving God through serving others.

Can I do more?

Yes! You can Do More at Radiant Church by volunteering to greet our guests in the parking lot, welcome them at the doors, help out with a Life Group – the possibilities are endless! We will never turn away someone willing to help us reach the lost, teach the saved, and send those called by God to spread the Good News!

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What is Be 90X?

Be 90X is 90 days that will challenge you to be more, do more, and give more. Want to be rich this year? Take the Be 90X Challenge!


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